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    Hope all is well in your world? I love the Franco series and wondered if you knew when Cry Havoc would be released as an ebook? Can’t see it available as one yet… Also entered the Hold of the Bone contest on Good Reads but couldn’t wait and bought a copy… She is such a “real” character and I love the way she talks tough and yet…. Will read Spirit of the Valley next month as it looks really interesting. Thank you for doing what you do,

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      Hi Anne – thank you so much! And thank you for doing what you do – a writer is no one without a reader. I see Cry Havoc isn’t available on Amazon but you can get it from the publisher – they finally got the whole series in e-format in April. If you’re so inclined, it would be a huge help to post a review of “Hold”. I know that’s not everyones cuppa so now worries if you’d rather not! Thanks so much for letting me know you liked it. The book was quite a departure for Frank so I’m always curious how her fans are reacting to it. SO far, so good. Now what to do with Frank from here….?

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