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Go to Salem West’s The Rainbow Reader site for my review of Catherine M. Wilson’s superlative When Women Were Warriors (http://rainbowreader.blogspot.com/2011/08/when-women-were-warriors-by-catherine-m.html)

Note: I have since been corrected and deeply regret calling the novel fantasy. It is historical fiction. This illustrates my ignorance of both genres, but if all historical fiction is as good as When Women Were Warriors I am soon to be a keen fan. The setting explanation provided at Shield Maiden Press (http://www.shieldmaidenpress.com/time-and-place.html) makes When Women Were Warriors that much richer in that suddenly it is positioned well within the realm of possibility. See? I wasn’t just dreaming. This really could have happened….


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  1. A brilliant review, if I may say so myself! The the trilogy wasn’t too bad either. Seriously, amazing job, I’m in a golden retriever tennis ball frenzy over having you be the first guest blogger on The Rainbow Reader REWIND Series! You managed to set the bar high for all the others to follow. Thanks a ton, to an amazing author, an insightful reviewer, and a true friend!

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