Unpublished Work: The Last Daimon

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I was standing outside at four AM one morning under a crescent moon, filling the dog’s water bowl, when the neighbor’s wolf-hybrid keened a long, slow howl. I knew the animal was kept alone on a chain all day and I wondered what sort of life that was. To be a roving pack animal in shackled isolation. And what that must be like for some people as well, cut off from their own kind by a cruelly short leash of burdens and obligations, either real or perceived. The wolf, the moon, and the impassive silver stars, were the inspiration for Conner Harte’s story in The Last Daimon.

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  1. I found your website from your hello on the Bella and Spinster’s Ink Author’s Forum today. My comment on both of the unpublished work is: AWESOME! Make them into books. I picked up “Bleeding Out” from my local library last year. I loved it so much I bought all the rest of your novels from Bella. I’ve never done that with an author but the way your spin your stories hooked me. I think your last book was published in 2006. It’s 2009, I’m going through Baxter Clare detox! Seriously, I’m a big fan of yours and hope you return to writing your wonderful books.

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