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I didn’t lose her after all! The Muse has returned, a bit dusty and windblown, but she’s back. I found her in my desk drawer. (Or should I say she found me?) In there, I came upon an old blank card – a firelit gypsy sitting on the steps of her vardo, stars in her hair, a red fox curled beside her. The back of the card read “Gypsy Firefly” by Angi Sullins and Silas Toball at Duirwaugh Studios.

I Googled duirwaigh.com.

“Duirwaigh – doorway. 1) The door on the human heart which, when opened, causes one to remember one’s magical origins.”

There’s more. Check it out. Charming site. That’s what I meant a while back when I posted about sacred play. Relaxing into the mystery of the unknown and letting it come to me rather than hunting it down, chaining it to my desk, and demanding it produce. I meandered around the site, forgot I was “supposed to be working!” then slid into work as easily as Cinderella into the perfect shoe.

Thank you Muse.


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  1. Yo Baxter: you are quite easily one of the most brilliant people I know. And, did I mention you have unparalleled loyalty and depth to YOU!? Your roller coaster is tamed by your constant steadiness. Your fire ball squelched by your amazing sense of tenderness. If you get stuck, hung up, lost along the way, or if you feel you do, you are only working on lighting up the path like JFK runway while not seeing the torches you leave behind.

    Your muse is always RIGHT there…leading the way for you to be the muse for those around you. So, if you get lost, just turn around – I’ve got your back. And, you’ve got mine.

    1. Brookestar – you must have tapped into my ‘amazing sense of tenderness’ ‘cuz my eyes are all blurry. I’m so grateful for all the points and places our paths have crossed over the years, and for all the intersections yet to come.

  2. Hahaha if I’d just further investigating before commenting (nothing unusual there) I would have seen that of course change had come – love you xxoomm

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