Scarcity – a short story by Kate Genet

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I just read someone else’s review of Kate Genet’s Scarcity. Unable to believe it was as disappointing as the reviewer made it out to be, I quickly read it myself. Quickly being the operative here. It’s a short story. Took all of twenty minutes to read. Something the previous reviewer must have overlooked as she was so disappointed the story was, well, short.

The main character is an artist, and if Scarcity was a work of art it would be a quick sketch, finely drawn with a brooding tension. Indeed, Scarcity  displays a pleasing level of maturity in Genet’s fiction and is my favorite work of hers to date.

The only thing that bothered me about Scarcity is that it’s free. Genet still gives her work away for nothing. She is a fine writer and deserves to be justly compensated. So download Scarcity at, read it, then write a review and post it for her. Consider it a “thank you” note for the gift she gave.

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