Rainey Days – R.E. Bradshaw

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First novel I’ve read of Bradshaw’s. Her protagonist, Rainey Bell, is an FBI Special Agent on whom Bradshaw clearly did her homework. Having written mysteries/police procedurals I know it’s a fine line between too much professional detail and not enough to sound authentic. Bradshaw gets it just right.

Her writing is sound and well-paced. I read this on my Nook and though the formatting was sloppy enough to be a distraction, I don’t know enough about e-publishing to know if that’s just the way it uploaded on my reader or if that’s something Bradshaw can correct and reload. (Lessons learned – I had to do that with my first e-book – twice. And a third, cleaner version is in the works.) I can overlook formatting issues because the writing is solid, but what dropped this from 4-stars (really liked) to 3 (liked) was plot.


In Rainey’s psychological profile of the perp Bradshaw basically tells us who the bad person is. I kept reading, hoping it was a red herring, and though there was an attempt at one toward the end, it was too little, too late. I’m not an overly smart reader, pretty slow to tell the truth, so if I can figure out the baddy from the get-go I suspect a lot of other readers will too. And if I saw it right away, why didn’t a highly trained FBI Agent?


All in all, Rainey Days is a solid read. Try it. You might not have the same issue I did. Even if you do, Bradshaw’s basic story and her ability to string the reader along to the end, make it a worthwhile read. I hope she fixes the above flaw in her sequel as I’m looking forward to what Rainey does next.



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