Let Sally Ride

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Sally Ride

I was moved to tears yesterday when I heard at the end of Sally Ride’s obit on NPR that she was survived by her partner of 27 years, Tam O’Shaughnessy. I am moved almost to tears again today when I hear there is backlash that she didn’t come out sooner. Sally Ride’s passion, from all accounts, was being an astronaut. She wasn’t an LGBT activist. Not all of us are. Some of us are deeply locked in closets, for whatever reason. Ought we be pilloried? I think not. Let us remember her first and foremost as a woman with the courage to strap herself into a rocket and shoot into deep space. I sure as hell couldn’t do that. But that was her passion. We change the world by following our hearts. For some us that might mean staying in closets. For some it might mean being loud and proud. Whatever method we choose to express, or not express our sexuality it is our right. No one should shame us into doing it any other way. She’s out now. She will go down in history, and herstory, as a lesbian. Everyday there are more and more role models for young, and not so young, LGBTs to look to. Now, there is one more. 

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