Ghosts of Winter – Rebecca S. Buck

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While a satisfying romance, I kept waiting for Ghosts of Winter to turn into a good, old-fashioned ghost story. Ros inherits a rundown English mansion (see, spooky right there!) and sets about restoring it while she also restores her broken heart, both with the help of cool but comely architect Anna. In short chapters Buck gives us glimpses of Winter Manor’s prior occupants but she never develops their relationship with the present occupants. Given Ros’ penchant for crystals and sage smudging, she’d have been a natural for the spirits of Winter Manor to have a supernatural relationship with. Alas, that never develops beyond Ros thinking about the prior inhabitants, who I found the more interesting characters in the story. Nonetheless, Buck’s writing is solid, and if you want a good, old-fashioned lesbian romance, Ghosts of Winter is for you.  

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