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You’ve all heard the joke about what lesbians do on their second date, right? Buy wedding rings? So help me out. Is this true?

Three Graces with Cupid's Arrow


I keep reading lesbian novels in which the protagonist and new love interest fall IMMEDIATELY and MADLY in love. Is that how it works in real life, or is this just a literary device? I read it so often I’m starting to think it is true and that I missed the thunderbolt of true love. Yikes! Mine was the more experiential type – I liked someone, dated her, liked her more, dated her more, fell in love, and then three years later, not three days later, decided to marry her. Help! What’s wrong with me?

Second part of my query, assuming above is true and most lesbians fall into immediate, massive love, does it last? My immediate, massives were usually satisfied after a week or so. Sometimes a night.

As I writer and reader of lesbian fiction I’m curious. Let me know what you think. Share your stories.

(I’ll try and post everyone’s comments but am having trouble getting them to show…)

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  1. My experience: I fall in love hard and fast. Bad news for the other woman because it doesn’t give her a chance to get to know me before we move in together. Three to five years later, I am moving out with everything I own in one suitcase.

    Falling in love and being in love is great. I just wish I had only done it once, the ‘right way’. Now I am old and alone.

  2. I think it speeds up the process for artistic reasons.
    But,I have to admit, I was smitten pretty quickly–as was my partner. And we were both first-timers…
    just sayin’, it can happen.

  3. For me, it was love at first kiss-such emotional intensity it scared me and thrilled me at the same time. I felt a sense of deja vu with her, like we already knew each other somehow and found each other again. I know she felt it too, but wasn’t ready to embrace it. I’ll always wonder if it would have lasted had I not fallen in love so fast. Or if she had fallen faster…

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