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Okay, thanks to all of you who held my hand after that last post. (Kelly, just for you, I’m starting a new Franco novel.) Come the next morning a cooler head prevailed and I merely said “Hello” to my boss instead of dropping to my knees and groveling for that full-time job. I also had the BRILLIANT idea in the middle of the night to contact Catherine M. Wilson at Raqoon Design. I knew of her for two reasons.

The first, I think, was someone recommending her when I started my ebook odyssey back in April. Should have listened then. But I’m stubborn. (Persistent, I like to say.) My second knowing of her was from reading her own flawlessly formatted and edited ebook, When Women Were Warriors. So next morning I got in touch with her and handed The River Within off. Like a hot potato.

I love that book. I wrote it. It’s my child. And though, god help me, I am sick unto death of it, I cannot abandon it. So I will let someone who knows what she is doing do for River what I cannot. I’m a writer, not a professional formatter. I’m going back to what I know. That’s writing. Wish me luck.

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