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So exciting!!

The River Within is formatted for uploading to Smashwords and now I’m just waiting for the signed cover art contract. I have to preview the cover here – love it too much to wait. The painting is Seasons of Time by Lee Lawson (

I saw Seasons hanging in our local coffee shop two years ago and knew it was the perfect cover.

Beyond the window a river flows past sere mountains under a dying moon – the river where Darlene’s son died, the sere mountains where Greer built a brilliant but fading career, and the waning moon that symbolizes endings, what has passed. The red-headed young woman dreams like my youngest character Kate. The three trees painted on the vase represent Greer, Darlene and Kate. Like the trees, the women are dormant (maybe?) but coming into leaf. The vase holds hidden potential, it’s full moon suggesting illumination and abundance. Though the woman has her back to the window it appears to be open, or at least the curtains are tied back, and while her back faces the past, it is still there, a tangible reminder as she cradles the potential of the future.

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