Review Hell

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The horror of putting yourself out to the rest of the world, of exposing yourself, is that you run the risk of rejection from all quarters. Every time I see a new review written about one of my babies, I start shaking. I get all trembly. A girl at a Justin Bieber concert. It’s disgusting. If I checked a mirror …

The Goddess Pack

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Months ago I bought a deck of tarot cards. I couldn’t justify why; I wasn’t drawn to the images on the box nor the idea of a pack of goddesses. I like a couple of the old gals, Hecate, Diana, but wasn’t interested in ancient Celtic or eastern women. In fact had almost an aversion to them. Still, I bought …

Join Baxter Clare on Blog Talk Radio!

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Readings with Baxter Clare Check it out, mis amigos. On Thursday, June 30th, 7:30 local time (10:30 Eastern, Sissie!) I’ll be talking to Lara Zielinsky at “Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction”. Call in live! Her show’s a crack up and I think we’ll have a great time. If you can’t make it at that time you can download …


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That was fun. Sick-sick for the last two days. Guess I needed it. My body’s way of putting me on the bench for a while. The beautiful thing about being that ill is I can’t think of anything else – book issues, work, wife troubles, neighbor nonsense – it all disappears. Just me and the pain. Bodies are marvelous machines. …

Adventures in E-Publishing Part II

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I really must learn to read directions. Uploaded my first e-book to Amazon two weeks ago. A snap. Uploaded the same mss. to on Friday. A breeze. Except for the 3,818 people uploading ahead of me! Spent much of the day monitoring the smashwords auto-refresh page, calculating if they upload books at the rate of 100 per hour mine …

A Cool Dark Place

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Wow! I went into e-labor on Tuesday afternoon. One shockingly painless hour later my first e-book, The  River Within, was born on Amazon! But wait. What’s this? Twins! Even as I write this I’m crowning on  Smashwords – #3,410 in the upload queue. Hmm…definitely a longer labor but still painless. I never  would have e-magined publishing an e-book could be this easy. I …

Pseudonyms, Aliases, and AKAs.

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People always ask, “Why do you write under so many names? Who are you?” I’m all of them! My birth name is Victoria Trautman, daughter of Mary Elizabeth Newton and Lowell Clare Trautman. My grandmother’s maiden name was Baxter, a name our family had encouraged my brother to call his daughter. When he didn’t, I took Baxter as my middle …

Box o’skunks

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I’m usually pretty heartless at work. I let nature take it’s course. But I saw these little guys six days ago outside their den. Their blue eyes had just opened and I assumed that like naughty kittens everywhere they were exploring their world while mama was off foraging. They were five of them, feisty and running around, tails high. One …


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1)   A corner, cubbyhole. 2)   Alcove in a wall; niche. 3)   Place where two lines intersect. 4)   The Barnes and Noble reader I just bought. Approaching my latest technological adventure with the usual blend of e-dread and fascination!