The River Within to be published by Bedazzled Ink

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Winter ended with whirlwinds that tossed my life around but spring is bringing a return to calm. I haven’t posted here that my last novel, the independently published The River Within, was picked up by Bedazzled Ink. All thanks to my Number 1 Fan Barrett, who plugged me relentlessly to the good folks at Bedazzled. Here’s the new cover. Look for it in …

The Furthest City Light – Jeanne Winer

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  Rachel Stein is high – she has just been handed a criminal defense attorney’s dream case. What Rachel doesn’t know is that this case is going to unravel her life.   When 36-year old Emily’s abusive husband walked towards her, she stabbed him with a pair of scissors, locked herself in the bathroom, and listened to him wander around …

Boarding “The Next Big Thing” Blog Hop

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Thanks to Barrett (aka #1 Fan) for tagging me in her post, which you will find here – You likely know by now that the purpose of the hop is to whet your appetite for authors you might not know about or haven’t read yet. Each author participating in the hop answers the same questions regarding their latest work …

All Hallows Read

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Neil Gaiman is starting a new tradition of giving away a scary book on October 29th. I love it as reading and Halloween are such underated pleasures. I’m celebrating by giving away a print copy of the very creepy Cry Havoc. Just respond to this blog and I’ll throw your name in my witch’s hat! Happy Haunting!

Sometimes a Wild God – by Coyopa

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  Sometimes a Wild God (2)   Sometimes a wild god comes to the table. He is awkward and does not know the ways Of porcelain, of fork and mustard and silver. His voice makes vinegar from wine. When the wild god arrives at the door, You will probably fear him. He reminds you of something dark That you might …

Mary-El Tarot Deck

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The Mary-El deck had been on my Wish List for quite a while. A few months ago, I had to have it. Since then the deck sat unopened, its beautifully designed box propped in front of the cabinet with all my other cards. Today I finally opened the box. Not much takes my breath away but as I laid out …

Rosemary’s Baby in a Lesbian Romance

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I know, I know. I’m probably the only lesbian in America that doesn’t like lesbian romances. Makes for quite a dearth of fiction with lesbian characters. Imagine my delight when romance writer Gerri Hill announced she had written a new book that was a little different than her normal fare. I bought it straight away, The story starts with four …

Let Sally Ride

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I was moved to tears yesterday when I heard at the end of Sally Ride’s obit on NPR that she was survived by her partner of 27 years, Tam O’Shaughnessy. I am moved almost to tears again today when I hear there is backlash that she didn’t come out sooner. Sally Ride’s passion, from all accounts, was being an astronaut. …