Cate Culpepper’s “River Walker”

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This review was originally published in Alexandra Wolfe’s sadly defunct Kissed By Venus magazine. I’m reposting to encourage everyone attending the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference to read this for the Con’s book club reading of River Walker. See you there. Half way through River Walker I put it down and said , “Damn. I wish I’d written this!” There. Having confessed my …

Soundtrack “Hold of the Bone”

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Every book I’ve written unfolds in my head like a movie, and each has a unique soundtrack. The River Within had scenes set in Afghanistan and Iraq so it was written mostly to middle eastern music. Each Franco novel had its own soundtrack. I kept the albums on a list but lost it when the house burned down. Fortunately, I created the Hold of the Bone soundtrack …

“It ain’t real until I can crush it,”

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as the guy told his co-worker dreaming about the can of Coors he was going to have after work. Ebooks are well and good, and have their place, but until I can feel, smell, and yes, crush it, it ain’t real. Today, thanks to the USPO and all the good folks at Bywater Books, Hold of the Bone is REAL.!!

By Lowly Listening

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I could have gone to work today, but wisely and sanely, did not. Instead, another day in bed, surrounded by books, dogs, and cats. I sit, as Emerson would say, “lowly listening”. I found that quote in Phyllis Theroux’s charming The Journal Keeper. “There is guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word.” That, followed …

Tuesday, April 7th

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I haven’t blogged in forever. A friend of mine said the other day that people want to know what’s going on in my life and I should fill them in more often. Really? Do you want to know I’m sick in bed this morning, folded in between two dogs and two cats? And that I’ve had a clawed throat and …

Support the Writers You Love

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For those faithful following me, you know I’m an infrequent blogger at best. I’m terribly private so my diseases, heartaches, and daily dramas/triumphs never get recorded. And aren’t you glad for that! What I would like to start doing more of though, is posting other bloggers. I read at least half a dozen blogs a day, and many, such as …