Bleeding Out

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Meet Lieutenant L.A. Franco — better known as Frank – who commands Homicide Squad #93 in the gang-ravaged central Los Angeles area.

Described by one of her detectives as “Dirty Harry’s personality stuffed into Martina Navratilova’s body,” Frank allows nothing into her bruised personal life except music, football, booze and exercise – all her drugs of choice. And just when she needs them the most, they are all about to fail her…

The first book in the critically acclaimed L.A. Franco series, Bleeding Out introduces Frank and author Baxter Clare to readers everywhere.

Fans of California police procedurals will go ape over this excellent first mystery…. a dramatic, tension-filled plot. An exceptional heroine and a captivating case; strongly urged for all collections.

Library Journal

Engrossing and suspenseful

Publication Data

Title: Bleeding Out
Author: Baxter Clare
Publisher: Bella Books
Date: November 19, 2007 (1st ed. 2000)
Pages: 320

ISBN-10: 1594931143
ISBN13: 978-1594931147

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