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I just read a review in Kissed by Venus of Marcy Alancraig’s A Woman of Heart. It sounds like a book I might enjoy but I hate buying fiction. Other than Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Cormac McCarthy I won’t re-read a novel. Why pay for something I’ll never use again? Why not just get it at the library? And to be honest, I always check the library first. To their credit, especially in this era of cutbacks, I often find what I’m looking for, but with lesbian titles I’m usually not so lucky. A Woman of Heart, case in point. (Not that it necessarily looks like a “lesbian title” – I don’t even know what that means!) I went back and read the review again. It definitely looks interesting. So I just ordered it. If I like it, I’ll post a review. If I don’t, I’ll let it slide, but at least will have the satisfaction of knowing I helped a writer by buying her novel. After all, as a book junkie, it’s my job to keep my supplier in business.


Here’s the link for Gabriel Constan’s A Woman of Heart review: http://kissedbyvenus.ca/?p=3497

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