A Hermit Goes Walkabout

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The Jersey wedding at the end of May.  





Tassajara at the start of June, stuck in a canyon with a hundred other people – albeit delightful people and a gorgeous setting.






Four days at the Dallas Golden Crown Literary Conference, the last of June, with about 200 of the nicest women I’ve ever met.





Three days on the Chimineas Ranch in the Carrizo Plains for a San Joaquin kit fox workshop in mid-July. (That’s probably me on the ground.) 





For a woman whose Tarot soul card and life card is The Hermit, and whose entire astrological chart is on the left side (happier with my own company than with other people), I had a great time.

Good to see old friends,

and make new ones,


But now it’s time to lone up again (August in Cambria) and get back to writing. 



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