A Cool Dark Place

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Wow! I went into e-labor on Tuesday afternoon. One shockingly painless hour later my first e-book, The  River Within, was born on Amazon! But wait. What’s this? Twins! Even as I write this I’m crowning on  Smashwords – #3,410 in the upload queue. Hmm…definitely a longer labor but still painless. I never  would have e-magined publishing an e-book could be this easy.

I can’t wait to write and e-publish another book, yet I see where the e-mmediate gratification of self-  publishing can be quite the pitfall. The River Within sat in my Documents folder
for two years after I was “finished” with it. In that time it underwent two extensive edits. The version I  uploaded today is much stronger than the original. Manuscripts are like wine – they do best when set  aside to age in a cool, dark place.

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