The Bigot’s Road

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I was at the dog beach this morning and a very casual acquaintance approached me. She said, “I hope I’m not being presumptuous but I thought I heard you introduce your wife to me last week.” I answered yes, and she proceeded to tell me how her niece had come out to her over the  weekend, and that the girl …


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It’s spring in California, which means rain and green, green weeds. I’ve let them go around my house. The place looks wild. Not abandoned, just wild. Like crazy ladies that spit and wear purple might live in that yellow house on the hill. I used to yank the bromes and foxtails out from between the iris beds, pull the mustard …

The Blue Place – Nicola Griffith

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  The Blue Place starts fast and punchy. By page four we know just about everything we need to about Griffith’s protagonist. Aud Torvingen is a Norwegian transplant to the American south, a hardened ex-cop with bad dreams, and sudden witness to the immolation of a renowned art historian. A woman fleeing the site of the explosion runs into Aud’s …

She Died With Her Boots On.

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Not too many women you can say that about. Marie Colvin was one of the amazing war correspondents I modeled my character Greer Madison after. Eerie parallels between the the two. Marie Colvin died today covering the conflict in Syria. With her boots on.

The Salt Roads – Nalo Hopkinson

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Stemming from the Latin crudos, meaning “raw, uncooked, bleeding,” and related to cruor  “blood from a wound” The Salt Roads is indeed crude. Carved from human flesh, with all it’s bone, meat, sweat, blood and juice, Hopkinson spares no pain. Her novel is raw work sliced from the skin of three women and a new-born god. Mer is a slave in Haiti who’s only hope lies in brief liaisons …

The River Within now in PAPERBACK

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For all those who asked if “The River Within” was available in paperback, the answer is yes! Thanks to Catherine M. Wilson’s generous and talented work at Raqoon Design “River” has been beautifully re-formatted (as well as professionally edited) and can now be safely read in the hot tub, ocean, or rain! But wait, there’s more! Packing a generous …

“Cemetery Bird” – Bridget Bufford

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I hate star ratings. I gave this novel three – wait! Don’t go! See? That’s what happens with stars, we skip twos and threes and go looking for fours and fives. But literature, like life, is a lot of threes and you shouldn’t skip them over because threes are solid, quality, “likes”. To me three stars means I liked this …

An Embracement of Riches

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First day of the new year. Hugely grateful for all the time I had last month to work on the latest Franco novel, here at my own wild and lonely home, as well as in the heart of the “dark and brooding” Santa Lucia range. The working title is Entangled and it’s off to a solid start. I have to admit, …