Box o’skunks

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I’m usually pretty heartless at work. I let nature take it’s course. But I saw these little guys six days ago outside their den. Their blue eyes had just opened and I assumed that like naughty kittens everywhere they were exploring their world while mama was off foraging. They were five of them, feisty and running around, tails high. One …


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1)   A corner, cubbyhole. 2)   Alcove in a wall; niche. 3)   Place where two lines intersect. 4)   The Barnes and Noble reader I just bought. Approaching my latest technological adventure with the usual blend of e-dread and fascination!

…then Go!

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I didn’t lose her after all! The Muse has returned, a bit dusty and windblown, but she’s back. I found her in my desk drawer. (Or should I say she found me?) In there, I came upon an old blank card – a firelit gypsy sitting on the steps of her vardo, stars in her hair, a red fox curled …

If You Don’t Know What to Do, Wait.

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Help! I need inspiration. Mine’s all gone. I think it blew away at work in all the sand and wind and dust. I swam last night, walked the dogs this morning, cleaned my altar, meditated, and still have no idea what the next indicated thing to do is…

For Women Who Read

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Two fun sites for the ladies where we can read and review, for what’s better than reading and talking about reading?

Coming Soon to an e-reader near you

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So exciting!! The River Within is formatted for uploading to Smashwords and now I’m just waiting for the signed cover art contract. I have to preview the cover here – love it too much to wait. The painting is Seasons of Time by Lee Lawson ( I saw Seasons hanging in our local coffee shop two years ago and knew …

Sacred Play

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Yemaya – by Janelle Younger I Googled “sacred play” and didn’t get many relevant hits. I’m curious, what thing do you do, what activity is it that makes you feel whole and refreshed when you are through? For me it can be writing. I might be knotted up from sitting in a chair for ten hours yet I feel vital …

The River Within

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Three women. Three lies. One chance to tell the truth. For thirty years Foreign Correspondent Greer Madison has competed brilliantly in a man’s world. But the hardships of a life spent reporting from war zones are catching up to her. In a foolish attempt to impress a young colleague, Greer involves them both in a deadly accident. The incident is …

Taking the ePlunge

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I have a novel my old publisher doesn’t want and I don’t have the time to hustle up a new publisher. Solution? Get my book out into the world via ePublishing. I’ve resisted for years. I’m old-school. I love the organic look, feel and smell of a “dead tree” book. Not to mention reading in the tub. I don’t have …