Three women. Three lies. One chance to tell the truth.

For thirty years Foreign Correspondent Greer Madison has competed brilliantly in a man’s world. But the hardships of a life spent reporting from war zones are catching up to her. In a foolish attempt to impress a young colleague, Greer involves them both in a deadly accident. The incident is accepted as a collateral risk of war reporting and only Greer knows the truth behind the fatality.

Returning stateside, she recuperates from the accident at the home of her best friend, Darlene Richardson. For the first time in the course of their thirty-year friendship Darlene is reluctant to accommodate Greer, for Darlene suddenly has secrets of her own; having assumed full responsibility for her son’s desire to enlist after 9/11, and his subsequent death while serving in Iraq, Darlene chooses to hide the horrific details of Chris’ death from her family. As the burden of her secret takes it’s toll, Darlene quietly plans the ultimate sacrifice.

Kate Richardson, Darlene’s spontaneous, willful daughter is desperate to bring her struggling family together. Vowing to settle down and be a “good daughter” Kate becomes engaged. Her fiancé is kind, ambitious, and most importantly, he seems to make her mother happy. Kate is sure that given enough time, he will make her happy, too.

But the women are losing time. While Darlene locks herself in Chris’ room with his letters from Iraq, Kate and Greer find unexpected pleasure in each other’s company. Restless nights shared in the Richardson’s guesthouse foster a deepening intimacy between the two women until each must face the secret they would rather hide. The aftermath of their painful revelations force Darlene’s own shocking confession and with their secrets laid bare, each woman has a final chance to turn from the past and face the future.

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