I have a novel my old publisher doesn’t want and I don’t have the time to hustle up a new publisher. Solution? Get my book out into the world via ePublishing. I’ve resisted for years. I’m old-school. I love the organic look, feel and smell of a “dead tree” book. Not to mention reading in the tub. I don’t have an e-reader (yet) but I recognize a lot of people do, and the idea of taking 20 books on vacation in a device that only weighs a few ounces is a definite appeal. So here I go. I haven’t figured out all the mechanics of e-publishing and still need to find a great cover but I hope to have The River Within out by March 2011, if not sooner. (For those of you anticipating the novel under the title Swimming in Tigers, or Out Far, In Deep, look for it under it’s new name, taken from Eliot’s deeply redemptive Four Quartets.)

Can’t wait. I’ll keep you posted how it goes. And thanks to all of you loyal readers for your patience and support.

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  • Melissa

    yipppeee I loved Swimming in Tigers – so glad it’s still alive and can’t wait for the final version. I have a Kindle and an Ipad so I’m ready!!

    ps I am missing you!! sending love and kisses. xxoomm

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