1)   A corner, cubbyhole.

2)   Alcove in a wall; niche.

3)   Place where two lines intersect.

4)   The Barnes and Noble reader I just bought.

Approaching my latest technological adventure with the usual blend of e-dread and fascination!

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  • Melissa

    Fascinating, I knew nothing of #3 –

    Welcome to e reader land. Let me know how you like your Nook. Unlike you, I’m sure, I did zero research – just bought the kindle but I like it a lot.
    What I like best is the app that, for free, automatically loads all my kindle stuff on to my computer, phone and Ipad and no matter what device I use to continue on with my book I am right where I left off (not well said – hope you get my meaning). I consider this an absolute miracle.


  • Baxter

    Is the Kindle a miracle or me getting one?? XXOO – V

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