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  • 03 - 18, 2014
    To Indie Publish or Not, That is NOT the Question!

    At least not for this author. In 2011 I self-published my novel The River Within. It was torturous. From the “simple” uploading onto Smashwords, to the “easy” publication at CreateSpace, the tears and cursing continued through promotion,  accounting,  blogging – blah, blah, blah – I loathed it all. The only thing I liked about self-publishing was being able to give away as many books as I wanted.

    I LOVE being traditionally published. I want to think about characters and motivation, scenes and words – not pixels and links, or spread sheets and brands web. I am a writer. I’m not a publisher. The extra money I might make isn’t worth it when it takes that much time away from writing.

    So let me express my gratitude to Barrett for introducing me to to Casey at Bedazzled Ink. Without Barrett, I would probably still be crying and cursing in my own private indie-publishing hell. Thanks to Barrett, I can say, “Go to my publisher and buy this book!”

    Me, I’m going to be writing.




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