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  • 02 - 10, 2010

    But me, I go for Ruffles and onion soup dip! Truly my cocaine, hence I only make it twice a year – the first regular season football game and the Superbowl. Tonight for dinner, leftover chips and dip! Yea! Been a weird, fun season and I’m glad for the break on Sundays. And Monday night. And Thursday night. A couple Saturdays.The workshop at Coalesce was a joy to give. I was an inspiration to myself, if no one else, as it made me re-evaluate my writing schedule. Over the last two years it has been highly experimental, but I’ve re-committed to my tried-and-true formula: up at five, swim and walk the dogs, home by nine, writing by ten with a whole, glorious day stretching before me.

    I’m trying to keep the structure of the novel loose and unplanned, but I seem to be most productive and pleased at the end of the day with a fixed temporal schedule. Tweaked the plan today as I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, so wrote from 0530 to noon. After time-out to play with the chickens and eat, I got a solid five hours in. Feels good. Good enough to have Ruffles and onion dip for dinner.