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Author Baxter Clare (aka Baxter Trautman) works as a biologist on California’s Central Coast, where she lives on a ranch with her longtime companion and a fluctuating number of houseguests, wild animals, and domestic pets.

Baxter is the author of several books, including the popular Detective LA Franco series. Please visit the BOOKS section for her full bibliography.

About Baxter

I’ve always been a writer. My first story was published in an “Archie” comic when I was eight years old. After that I got side-tracked by school and a lot of extra-extracurricular activities, but between high school and college I tried my hand at romance novels. How hard could they be? Very, it turned out. At least for me, because I’ve learned that if my heart isn’t in what I’m doing I’m not going to do it well. So after acquiring a thick stack of rejection slips I decided to “settle down and get a real job”. But still I wrote. Dark stories and morbid poetry that was promptly balled up and thrown away pharmacie en ligne. When I was 38 I wrote a thesis for my Master’s degree. I didn’t know that work would become my first book, nor that it would inspire me to write others.

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