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Baxter Clare Trautman authors the L.A. Franco mysteries, and a work of non-fiction published by the Sierra Club. She lives with her wife and a menagerie of houseguests, some wild, some tame, in California’s fire-prone foothills. When not scanning the horizon for smoke, Baxter is busy creating her own incendiary works.

Latest Publication:

Hold of the Bone

Welcome the newest member of the L.A. Franco Series, Hold of the Bone.

Available May 19, 2015

Things are great for LAPD Lieutenant Franco; she’s sober, loved, eligible for retirement—and bored absolutely out of her mind. When her squad is called out to investigate a decades-old homicide, Frank happily volunteers to “get out of Dodge” and follow the clues north to a small town in the Salinas Valley….

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good words. good people.

  • Hi, I live on the island of Jamaica and thank God for e-books because that is how I discovered you. Just finished the Franco series and loved it. I am looking forward to the rest of your work. Ps. Your use of patois and successfully writing it is very impressive.

  • Browsing copy of "Spirit", which you signed, when speaking at our "Festival of the Oaks", put on by our Atascadero tree group ANTA, circa 1998. I still love that book and want to share it with my co-workers, mostly young-uns, passionate about enviro-stewardship. Gonna ck your novels too. Thanks!

  • I have all your books. My favorite is Cry Havoc.

  • I just read End of Watch and totally enjoyed reading your book. In fact, I read it in one day and now I am checking to see if there a part two. Also, how many more of your romance novels I have miss out of? LOL

  • Read your post on Beth Wylde's group and decided to check out your website which is the coolest one I have ever seen. The premise of your dream inspired book sounds very interesting and I'll check it out! Best, Jean Erhardt, author of Small Town Trouble

  • The River Within-I could not put it down. It has been bouncing around in my head since I finished reading it. I have to admit the ending made me cry - expected yet unexpected as I had hoped Greer was somehow able to pull herself out of the Stan.One to many chances. Thank you for a wonderful read.

  • Hi Vicki, I'm already a big fan of yours, but now I want more stuff from you to read!! Happy 4th of July... Love, moe

  • I've had "Bleeding Out " on my list at Amazon for awhile and finally bought the Kindle version for a trip to visit family in MN. Didn't like Frank for the first several chapters but then I couldn't stop reading. But no more kindle versions on Amazon of the other Franks books. I am so disappointed!

  • Just finishing "Bleeding Out" and LOVE IT! Nice job - the story is exciting and keeps you hooked. I'll definitely pick up the next one in the series.

  • Great interview on Blog Talk radio. As an aspiring author it gave me plenty of food for thought. Thanks.

  • I can't wait to hear you on the mis amigos talk blog radio.

  • What a great surprise! Taking a break from work and ended up on your website. Just downloaded my first e-book & doubt I'll get much work done now 🙂

  • Hi Baxter! I just purchase your 5 book series about Lt. L.A. Franco!!! Can't wait to give them a read. Your home page is truly AWESOME!!!

  • Loved your Spirit book! Have read and re-read it - and, am ordering several copies to give away. THANKS

  • I just read Bleeding Out. Very enjoyable, if enjoyable is the right word for it, a very gripping story and wonderful main character, thank you.

  • I have all 5 of your LA Franco books. Will there be a 6th book someday?

  • Great site, great books. I am looking forward to the Next Franco book.

  • Wow! I went to school with you in Miami, at FIU, back in the dark ages. I always wondered what happened to Vicki. Tried a google search and look what I found! I will have to order your books and read them all. Can't wait, and hope to get back in touch. Remember MC, Dr. Koptur, Corkscrew Swamp?

  • I live in Japan, and I've recently become a fan of Franco, and so fallen in love with the blog layout that I visit it every day.

  • I've read all your Franco books and was looking for a fix, when I googled your site. Magnificent.

  • Vicky--Hey, great article and wonderful to see you on the cover of New Times! I've already bragged to a couple of people that 'I know her'! Good photos, too! --Lucy

  • Hey! Just wanted to let the world know how cool your blogging is....you are still my hero! Love you:)

  • Hey There great site- fun to see what you're working on Maybe we will see you in NY for a book signing 🙂 Love M-K- and the kids

  • Catherine says thank you for the cool candle and we both admire your cool website. We specially like the bird sounds. You are the best! M & C

  • Had a blast traveling your site! Brought a smile to my face.

  • Mrs. B. You are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Mrs. B.

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